Pistentraum, © Schischaukel Mönichkirchen-Mariensee

Thuesday is senior day 60+

Briskly seniors use great slopes for great prices

On Tuesdays, seniors "should take their time off work", because on glorious free slopes and without much waiting, the brisk silver-Ager can make their tracks in the snow or enjoy the many viewpoints with stunning views.

Seniors 60+ can enjoy the slopes on thuesday to the following prices:

  • Day ticket for Seniors 60+ (from 9.00 am) € 29,00
  • Morning ticket for Seniors 60+ (until 12.30 pm) € 23,00
  • Day ticket for Seniors 60+ (from 12.00 pm) € 23,00

(except christmas holidays and season holidays from 7.2. to 13.2.2022)