Rules of conduct for skiers and snowboarders

For a fair and secure cooperation: the FIS rules

You should follow these 10 FIS rules:

  1. Be considerate of others.
  2. Adjust your speed and made of movement to your ability and the external conditions.
  3. Do not endanger the people in front of you.
  4. Maintain a distance when overtaking.
  5. Check to make sure there is enough room to move.
  6. Do not stop at narrow and/or unclear places.
  7. Use only the edge of the slopes for walking.
  8. Observe the markings and signals.
  9. Provide assistance to others when and where necessary.
  10. Those involved in, or eitness to, accidents must disclose the same.

Mountain rescue servicephone: 140

For children and adolescents up to 15 years there is a helmet obligation when driving on slopes.